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10000 unique worms

El Gusano|Party Worms is a collection of 10000 generative art pieces. These Party animals are inspired by the tequila worm and are the start of a global Tequila inspired RTD brand.

As a holder of one of these worms you will be rewarded with many perks, both in the real world and the future (into the metaverse we go.)

Stage 1

The generation of 10000 pieces of artwork. The Goal is to create exceptional 2D artwork which will be used as the foundation to a growing global RTD Brand. The worms are inspired by the Tequila worm and represent as such. We are all about Partying with friends and having a good time!

This artwork will be the branding for a severely limited market in the RTD world, with an imbuing of tequila and natural flavours to create a full and sensory experience.

Stage 2

It’s time to launch! We begin to build the community, along with whitelist spots up for grabs we move towards our Pre sale and open sale dates (TBC)

Half of all royalties from the secondary sales will go into a community wallet to go towards give aways and competitions to all holders. (5% of all secondary sales)

Stage 3

At 30% of NFT’s sold we begin to refine the flavours of the RTD’s with the help of community input and begin to produce the RTD’s for initial distribution into New Zealand and Australia.

10% of Profits will go into a community wallet awaiting distribution to holders in future utility.

Stage 4

At 60% of NFT’s sold we launch our merch available through the El Gusano website. This will include hoodies, coasters, can coolers… the Skys the limit. We will do multiple giveaways of merchandise to holders.

Stage 5

At 80% of NFT’s sold we look to launch the RTD’s into the US and other countries.

Along with this we begin work on our tokenomics functionality where holders will be able to stake their NFT’s to earn our ERC20 token $Gusano coin which will be useful for future utility into the metaverse and more.

Further to this, Holders that stake will have a 50% discount to all merchandise on the website, and they will be the recipients to the 10% profits from the RTD sales.

Stage 6

At 100% of NFT’s sold we will throw a party for holders in a location to be decided.

El Gusano looks to purchase some land in the metaverse to build a digital nightclub where we will hold concerts. $Gusano will be useable on tickets to all concerts.

Stage 7

Future NFT drops where $gusano will be useable to purchase these drops, the continued growth of our Tequila RTD brand, ongoing competitions and much much more. This is only the beginning and with the amazing community we will have our options and ideas will be endless.

Join the communitiy

El Gusano discord is growing quickly, join by clicking the button. We have an amazing community and we are currently running competitions for whitelist spots so be in quick to secure your Party Worm.